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Latest news about Artida

Impressions from Bologna Licensing Trade Fair 2013

on 04.04.14 | Posted in News | Leave Comment | Hits: 84534

In march 2013 Artida visited the Bologna Licensing Trade Fair and presented Artida with a piece of promotional material. Check out some highlights from the 2013 event below.

Artida visiting Bologna Licensing Trade Fair

on 18.02.13 | Posted in News | Leave Comment | Hits: 198689

Since last year Brand Licensing Trade Fair in Bologna was such an amazing experience we decided to visit the fair in Bologna again with Artida this march.

Artida t-shirt photos just for you

on 03.09.12 | Posted in News | Leave Comment | Hits: 133782

We all know how hard it is to imagine a T-shirt without seeing looots and lots of photos of them :) so we decided to include some photos in this very little blog post. Check it out!

Artida style guide 2 - Panda

on 21.05.12 | Posted in News | Leave Comment | Hits: 5048

We are publishing the 2nd Artida styleguide! 

Artida style guide 2012 coming soon

on 12.03.12 | Posted in News | Leave Comment | Hits: 4543

Artida style guide 2012 is coming soon! We are prepairing several fashion directions including Artida T-shirts and products you can combine for you everyday activities. Stay in touch! :)

Artida puppies tees

on 23.09.13 | Posted in News | Leave Comment | Hits: 120849

We are presenting our latest Artida tee series called Artida Puppies! 

Artida article in Total Licensing magazine

on 17.10.12 | Posted in News | Leave Comment | Hits: 149277

We are happy to announce that a wholepage article about Artida was published in the Autumn / Fall 2012 edition of Total Licensing Magazine! Below is the article and here is the link to the online magazine edition - page 32.

Artida jumbo billboards

on 06.07.12 | Posted in News | Leave Comment | Hits: 89614

In June and July 2012 Artida was a part of an advertising campaign on jumbo moving billboards in Slovenia. Together with Notesniki.si company the campaign was promoting japanese notebooks Sony Vaio.

Artida style guide 1 - Shopping girl

on 09.05.12 | Posted in News | Leave Comment | Hits: 10658

We are publishing the 1st Artida styleguide! Styleguides will help you match your Artida T-shirt with other clothes and accessories. Artida will suggest styling solutions for the best look possible! And don't forget - the best clothes to wear are the ones we feel good in :)

Fresh news from Artida!

on 10.02.12 | Posted in News | Leave Comment | Hits: 375849

And here are the latest news from the cute little world of Artida! We had a short presentation in school, we collected little gifts for skiers for a Zlata lisička championship and we got our very first round stickers, yay! :)